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Monday, November 1, 2010

A Change of Tune

So, after another little extended leave of abscense, I'm back. They say a little near death experience is sometimes all it takes to put things into perspective. Well, in July, I had mine, and I've spent the last few months trying to roll things into some sort of order. While it's nowhere near perfect, there is some order.

When I orginally started this blog, I titled it Sweet Sunday Dinners. I stand by my title, but I'm heading towards a new direction. The focus now is to feed my family in a manner that is as clean and healthy as possible, while maintaining a workable budget. It's about finding a balance between juggeling all of the hats I wear... wife, mother, daughter, friend,aspiring business woman and most importantly a God loving Christian woman. I invite you to come along with me on my journey. Maybe we can all learn something new, help each other out, and at the end of the day be a better person for it.

The first post which will be later this week will bring my whole experience to light. While it's not really a deathly experience, I can assure you, I have never been sicker, and it totally changed everything, from the second I walked out of the hospital on July 20, 2010.

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