Own Your Beauty

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

21 Days to becoming a more effective wife......

Being all that I can be.... I had to ponder if I was really doing this after reading some lovely blogs by some Good ole Christian southern Women. My conclusions... I most definatly was not. I have flower beds that are running amuke, walls that need to be painted, a fridge that needs to be cleaned out, ironing.. (we won't even go there!) and the list just goes on and on. I am embarassed to admit, we haven't been to church in 3 weeks, and I have to wonder if that's what got me sooooo out of sorts.
I am making my commitment to myself, and perhaps anyone who will read this of a few things I'm going to start doing (re-doing).....
1. I will make a point to rise earlier than 6:45. My job has changed to where I now longer have to dress up daily, and believe me, the routine of falling into jeans, a hoodie or tee and throwing my hair up in a ponytial, has gotten just wayyyy to easy.
2. I will set aside more time to pray for my family and myself. I see lots of women that are praying for their families, however I did not see where alot of women where making it a priority to make sure that they were praying for themselves as well. How can we be the best wives, mothers, daughters, friends... all of the roles that we as women take on, if we do not pray for God to give us that gentle helping hand?
3. I will make sure that the kitchen is totally clean everynight and that my bed is made every morning.
4. I will put the laundry acutally in the drawers of my dresser, and not just sit it on top.
5. I will set my egg timer and do a 15 minuet clean up every evening before I start dinner.

These are my goals this week. I have a notebook that I tried writing down my goals in. they looked lovely on paper, however they were so lofty that they were totally unattainable. Wish me luck, and please bear with me as I try to "prettify" my blog area.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I may be slighty blog challenged...

Alright girls.. I'm seeing all of these gorgeous blogs out there and I'll be honest... I'm just having a little trouble in getting my blog to look as pretty as it should. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!!