Own Your Beauty

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wrecking my Manicure

I love gardening gloves. I have 5 pairs, pink ones, green ones, blue ones with little rubber grips on the fingers, and 2 leather pair. Yep, I love gardening gloves. Now, as much as I love my gloves, I cannot do a dang blasted thing with them on!
Today, after a winter of giving myself a lovely manicure every Sunday night, and having great natural nails, within 2 hours I managed to break 2 nails (using the wire brush hooked onto the drill sanding down an old fashinoned "mushroom" metal chair), get black paint on my white tips when I started to paint the same chair, and to get dirt under every single last one of them when I battles a bit of wire grass that has somehow snaked it's way into my lirope.
At the end of the day, I got my chair painted, conquered the wire grass(at least in the strawberries), and got the settee sanded down. It's almost 10 o'clock here in the old South, and I'm heading off to do what any good southern girl would do at this point............run me a hot bubble bath and try to salvage my nails!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

70 and Sunny

It's that time of year again! Looking forward to the weekend, it will be in the high 70' almost every day for the rest of the week! I am anxiously awaiting the day that I feel comfortable to sit out my big green ferns, little pink begonias, white geraniums, and white with pink impatiants. Yes, I know they are such typical little plants,but I swear for my planting area, they jut can't be beat!

My husband tillered the garden up last weekend, and the Easter bunny will be bringing me the tender little bedding plants I talked about above, and a big bright shiny new compost bin! I'm also planning to do a new patio area around my swing with some of the brick pavers my mom gave me with a vintage wrought iron settee, chair, and little table, also courtesy of mom (she actually saved up to buy it when she and my father were first married back in 1971) and another patio made out of some gorgeous big pieces of granite slabs that my husband gave me from a job he did at a quarry, a bench to sand and repaint, an Adirondack chair to sand and repaint.... need I go on?! Now, I have a whole big bunch coming in for Easter Sunday and I've got a mere 3 weekends to get to gettin it all ready! Pray for me, and I'll keep you posted!
Have a fabulous day and I hope your weather is as great as mine. Also, check out my new blog Sweetiez Pies to hear about my new business venture!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Spring Cleaning

Growing up, I was always excited about my birthday. It's April 12, and almost always fell to where I was on spring break and able to do something extra fun. The downside of this, was that every year my mother inevitably did her "Spring Cleaning" that same week. My granny (my great grandmother) came and stayed for the week, and bright and early Monday morning, all the curtains came down in the house, the windows got opened for the first time,and the rugs got hung out on the line. Now my momma had those blasted Cabin creek curtains.. ya'll know what I'm talking about, the long ruffled affairs with the colored trim for the majority of my growing up days and getting them ready to be hung back up was a darn 2 day affair, washing, hanging on the line, spray starch, iron, spray starch again, and the rehang. the only thing worse she has ever had in window treatment was those blasted scarves that we never seem to get right. Of course while the curtains were down, the windows got washed inside and out, the carpets got shampooed, the wood work got washed, the cabinets got washed, and the worst, longest most dreaded task was that the walls got washed!The best part was that everyone got new bedding, and I got to sleep with my granny in the "guest bedroom".
Looking back as much as I dreaded those long days, spent with my momma fussing because I kept dropping the end of the curtains while she was ironing and my granny fussing at my momma for fussing at me, I relish the memories. Now, as I look up at my own drapes, I smile... knowing that I recently went to the store and brought a big jug of vinegar (for washing my woodwork), a big jug of bleach, for wiping down my walls, and a bottle of Niagara Starch to make memories with my own daughter.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Day Sunshine

It's going to be a beautiful 72 degree sunny day here in Virginia!After a 6 month hiatas, I am back to my little blog. I have faithfully read yours, and enjoyed every single second of them.

A question to ponder for today..... if you wake up in a good mood, committed to having a good day, do you think it just happens, or do you really have to work at it?